Western Enhancements

Enhance your western party/rodeo program with the following popular specialty acts:

Full professional rodeo

Including four major rodeo events, Grand Entry Parade with several of your VIPs riding in horseback, rodeo clowns, judges, cowboys and cowgirls plus all the pageantry of a rousing and patriotic rodeo!


This bunch of Old West gunfighters will add an authentic touch to your event!
Don’t be surprised when these hombres “hold up” the buses or cars as they arrive…they’re lookin’ for that ornery chicken-plucker to tease and set the fun tone of your western party! In addition, these gunslingers will be available for picture-taking, greeting and mingling with your guests and staging an exciting mock “arrest” and “shoot-out” featuring one of your VIPs

Walking Western Puppet

Nothing makes a bigger impression that our 6-foot tall Bossie Mae Beauvine or “Sal, the Fancy Gal”! This unbelievable puppeteer studied under Jim Henson and travels all over the world performing with his popular impersonations! This caricature cow with batting eyeglasses or “Sal”, a Texas-sized woman dressed with red and black brocade, will greet and josh with your guests in her trademark ribald, but tasteful, way! Naturally, she will be happy to convey any special messages or good-naturedly “pick on” special VIP’s. In addition, she will make a dramatic change during the evening into a life-sized saloon girl manipulated from a black-draped puppeteer from behind. She will also be joined by another “saloon girl” who will gab like two ol’ pals and join your guests on the dance floor. This act is very unique and will make even your most timid guests feel at home!

Caricature Artists

Guests can be drawn by our talented artists who can add a 10-gallon hat! This is a real crowd-pleaser as many gather to watch the work in progress.

Roller Roper

City slickers can try their roping skills as they sit on our “horse” and attempt to lasso a fast-moving mechanical “calf”! Two attendees will be on hand to help the guests on the horse and another to work the calf.

Mechanical Bucking Bull

Our staff will play it on one of the lowest speed as guests hold one hand free and ride the bull! This is also a great photo opportunity!

Western hats and bandannas

A festive mood is immediately set when guests don a western hat or bandanna! The popular hats are available in most sizes.

Armadillo Races

Your guests will encourage their favorite ‘dillo as they race down the pen lanes! Many contestants will receive souvenir armadillo pins for participating in this wacky Texas fun!!

Western Olympics

Add fun audience participation events including cow chip toss, beer guzzlin’, best dyin’, “best moseyin’, best dancin’, and best western-dressed – – with awards to the winners!